Brenda Joe-Matsuo, M.S., MFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MFC 37687
405 Primrose Road, Ste. 324 Burlingame, CA 94010            (650) 727-2917‬

My Philosophy

I have worked with families and adults for more than 15 years. My goal as a therapist is to help people develop healthier and happier relationships whether in childhood, adolescence or adulthood. The foundation of healthy relationships begins in early infancy and childhood.  So, I developed a sub-specialty in working with very young children (ages 0-5) and helping parents develop strong and healthy relationships from the beginning. But people can make changes in their relationships at any point in life. I believe that people can have more satisfaction in their love and family relationships. I have helped many families, and I can help you, too.

My Approach: About Relationship-Based Therapy

Healthy relationships don’t come easy. They can be hard work for even those most skilled, but even harder if you’ve never been taught those skills throughout your childhood. You might have come from a dysfunctional family or experienced grief, loss, addiction, abuse or trauma. You might recognize the same dysfunctional patterns in your earlier life keep playing out in your relationships. Or you might not understand why you don’t feel happy. Instead, you feel depressed or anxious or lonely. Therapy can help you understand yourself, your family and your relationships. It can help you improve your awareness of unhealthy patterns and give you tools to rebuild healthier relationships for a more satisfying life.  I can help you find more satisfaction in your relationships by helping to give you those skills.  And if you are a parent, therapy can help you develop a different and even better relationship with your child than you ever imagined.

My approach to people’s problems is a relationship-based psychodynamic therapy model that focuses on self-awareness, insight and change in the context of relationships with others. It is a model that focuses on helping people reconnect in their relationships especially after a period in which things haven’t been going well.

My training

I received my Bachelor’s of Sciences Degree in Psychology from UC Davis. I received my Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from San Jose State University. After working with hundreds of families in several different public agencies and school-based settings, I pursued further training in Early Childhood Mental Health through the Harris Training program from Oakland Children’s Hospital in conjunction with Every Child Counts, Alameda County.
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